Recent Reports

02 : 21
Italians are furious about migrants and blame the government. The local residents claim that they cannot live normally due to excessively large number of migrants
01 : 51
A TV debate between an Italian psychiatrist and Muslims in Italy. The scientist gives very logical yet academic arguments about what is wrong with Muslims
01 : 52
A French Arab abandoned Islam and blames politicians. He told people that he is ashamed to be a Muslim and governments in Europe are all corrupted ignoring victims of Islamic terror attacks
03 : 03
Sexual assaults on the holiest site of the Islamic world. Muslims women are facing persecutions from their own families and the society because they are reporting the darkside of the Islam.
02 : 17
Importance of Social Media in Politics. The social media is rapidly changing the way how national leaders are elected. This video tells why people need to be organized on the social media to achieve their political goals